Delta-8 THC Cart Suver Haze Full Spectrum 1 ML - Sativa
Delta-8 THC Cart Suver Haze Full Spectrum 1 ML - Sativa - Package
Delta-8 THC Cartridge Suver Haze Full Spectrum 1 ML - Sativa
Delta-8 THC Cartridge Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa - Holding
Delta-8 THC Package Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa
Delta-8 THC Disposable Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa - Holding
Delta-8 THC Disposable Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa - Bottom
Delta-8 THC Disposable Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa - Top
Delta-8 THC Disposable Suver Haze Full Spectrum - Sativa - Side
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Delta-8 THC Cart Suver Haze Full Spectrum 1 ML - Sativa

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Str8 Delta8 Suver Haze carts offer a punch of robust flavor and a diverse array of relieving properties that make this Sativa-dominant, CBD-rich strain truly legendary. Its well-rounded profile is ideal for just about any toker out there, including newcomers with developing interests in the legal cannabis industry. This strain is characterized by a powerfully distinct aroma bursting with tropical fruits and earthy notes that translates perfectly to its flavor palette.

Not only does Suver Haze Delta 8 THC hit your olfactory senses with a quick one-two punch, but it also presents a highly effective selection of mellowing properties that allow you to easily shift your perspective on pain and help in relieving discomfort. Thanks to these potent, calming properties, Suver Haze is ideal for relaxing on a night in and great for encouraging a night of restful sleep.

Suver Haze is one of the few CBD enriched Delta-8 products that offer a diverse phytocannabinoid and terpene profile that comes together into what is known as the “entourage effect.” The whole becomes greater than the individual parts with this often misunderstood effect, which simply means that Str8 Delta8 Suver Haze carts are far more effective at providing that elevated feeling you are looking for. THC and CBN have the potential to yield an enhanced sense of sedation, a unique result out of a Sativa-dominant strain. 

Str8 Delta8 products are made with the utmost care using federally legal organic hemp-derived cannabis and avoiding harsh chemicals and solvents. Our Delta 8 THC carts, disposables, and gummies preserve all the rich, natural terpenes of the cannabis plant, making every toke -- or treat -- burst with flavor and potency that few other Delta 8 companies can offer. Str8 Delta8’s extraction process maintains Suver Haze’s flavor and effect profile, allowing you to experience this legendary strain in all its glory.

Suver Haze is a notorious strain for its exceptionally mellow elevation, but the real kicker is the slew of terpenes and the bold flavors they provide. The strain exhibits notes of citrus with an earthy, herbal finish, all underpinned by slight notes of aged cheese, pine, and a bit of pepper flavor to grace your lips after each puff. Str8 Delta8 Suver Haze Delta 8 products provide a top-notch experience that will delight your senses and allow you to wash away worry and discomfort.

Our products contain approximately 94% Delta-8 THC.  The rest is terpenes.  You can taste the difference.  Our products taste and smell way better than anything else on the market. If you like the taste and smell of the real thing...

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Suver Haze is a CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant cross strain between high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. It combines the complex phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles of the two plants and the incredible potency of Suver #8 into a strain that will truly knock your socks off.

The careful selection of its parentage provides the premier birthing ground for the “entourage effect.” This theory helps to explain why strains like Suver Haze offer potency magnitudes beyond what one would expect.

The terps and cannabinoids compound on each other to create a more cohesive and effective experience, unlike any other strain out there.

Str8 Delta8 Suver Haze carts offer the full-bodied flavor and intricate array of relief properties that make them stand out as supreme Delta 8 THC products, perfect for any toker looking for a relaxing nighttime strain.

  • Lab-tested by a 3rd party
  • No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil
  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Solventless remediation and low-temperature distillation
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Naturally flavored
  • 1000mg total Delta-8 THC
  • COA

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