Does Delta-8 THC Get you high?

Does Delta-8 THC Get you high?

The legalization of marijuana in many states has prompted businesses to improve this industry significantly. The ability to extract THC and CBD from cannabis is much more advanced in our modern age. In the past, products derived from the marijuana plant, such as dabs, were very minimalistic. You can make your own or rely upon the few businesses you know that can provide you with an adequate product. Today, this industry is exploding in popularity for recreational and medically sanctioned marijuana products. In many locations, you no longer have to get your weed from a person that you know. It is big business, something that our company has certainly embraced. Our Str8 Delta-8 company produces the very best Delta-8 THC in the industry. Here is an overview of the products we sell and why we are the best dispensary.

Overview Of Our Str8 Delta-8 Products

One of the reasons our products are so potent is due to the quality of the source. We currently partner with our farm partners located in Colorado. They are dedicated to producing only the best recreational cannabis. This is why our Delta-8 THC is so impressive. Not only do our products contain high amounts of THC that gets you high, but they also maintain the terpene combinations inherent in the original plant. That means when you purchase a Sativa strain, such as Lifter, it actually has the properties of a Sativa strain. When you buy an Indica Strain, such as Bubba Kush, it actually has the properties of an Indica Strain. Imagine that! Most D8 brands just give you straight 98 to 99% D8 with very little of the original strains' actual properties. You are basically smoking D8 THC without any of the compounds that made the plant you are supposedly smoking what it was.  Totally missing the entourage effect.

We are able to produce an exceptional product due to our extraction process. We use a patent-pending low pressure and low-temperature system. Our company does not use any chemicals at all during the extraction process. It allows us to create a 99.99% pure product that is aromatic and full of robust terpene flavor. Essentially, we produced the cleanest Delta-8 THC on the market today.

The Products That We Offer

We have several different products that you may want to sample. Each of them is unique, but all of them will get you high. Our products include:

My favorite is the Trump Hybrid because of its potency. It is an Indica dominant hybrid with a spicy and fruity flavor that is unparalleled, containing 94% Delta-8 THC. Additionally, you may want to try our Delta-8 THC Cart Bubba Kush. It is an Indica, with 94% Delta-8 THC. You will certainly taste the difference because of the terpenes. It provides tranquil effects and is known for its therapeutic properties.

Our patent-pending process is the best on the market, producing a different yet better marijuana-based product. Our goal is to create a healthy and superior product that can surpass all of the other brands.

Whether you want a product with Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid form of cannabis, we will have exactly what you need at the highest possible quality. If you do try our Str8 Delta8 Bubba Kush cartridge, you will feel relaxed, experiencing mind-blowing psychoactive properties. Likewise, our Delta-8 THC Cart Trump will help you feel elevated, relaxed, yet without heavy sedation. To find out more about our Str8 Delta8 THC products, visit our website today: