Delta-8 Indica: Abacus & Bubba Kush Strains

Delta-8 Indica: Abacus & Bubba Kush Strains
Delta-8 can be extracted from any Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strain. Each one has its own characteristics, and you should choose one depending on your preference. For example, if you want to relax your mind and destress or relieve anxiety symptoms, you should go for a Delta-8 Indica strain like Abacus or Bubba Kush. At STR8 Delta-8, we have an Indica-dominant strain that tastes and smells just like your smoking actual green, or as close as we can get it.

Characteristics of Delta-8 Indica

If you are new to Delta-8 products, you may want to taste the best. Fortunately, our products contain 94% pure Delta-8. The other percentage is the full terpenes that give our product such a clean, smooth smoke. You can rely on us to provide the best-quality Delta-8 in the business. Here are a few characteristics that set our Delta-8 Indica apart:

● It has a skunky citrus aroma. You will notice the fragrance as soon as you vape from a cartridge. We are able to retain the original citrus aroma because of our unique extraction method. The method involves using high-quality hemp that we slowly process by applying low pressure and low temperature. This method produces 99.9% pure Delta-8.
● Secondly, Delta-8 Indica is highly effective in sedating your mind and relieving stress. If you are tired after a long day at work, a few puffs of our Delta-8 Indica vape will help you unwind. You will feel relaxed, and you may drift off to sleep within a few minutes.
● The therapeutic properties and tranquil effects of our Delta-8 Indica-dominated strain will help melt away the past stresses of your day. If you feel anxious in social settings or when there is a family crisis, you can chew a gummy containing our pure Delta-8 Indica strain. Your mind will start to relax and you will slowly feel better.
● The Delta-8 Indica strain has pale purple and green tones. It’s the kind of color that stoners dream of and we have done our best to capture the essence of this beautiful purple bud. Each pack of Bubba Kush contains a maximum of 0.3% Delta-9 THC making it perfectly legal in most states and according to the federal farm bill.

Extracting Delta-8

Our extraction method pending patent rights is a unique method that no other manufacturer has used until now. As already mentioned, we use high-quality hemp to produce Delta-8. This hemp comes from Colorado farms where our farmers organically grow the hemp without using any chemicals or pesticides.

We further process the hemp at low temperature and low pressure without adding any chemicals. This produces the perfect Delta-8 extract that’s 99.9% pure. It captures the natural flavors that you will enjoy as you smoke up. Each Bubba Kush vape and vape cartridge contains as much as 94% Delta-8. The rest 6% contains terpenes. This combination makes our product the most potent in the market.

If you want to try Delta-8 for the first time, why not try the best quality right away? We assure you that once you try our Indica-dominated Delta-8 products, you may not want to try anything else from other brands.