Delta-8 Hybrid: Trump

Delta-8 Hybrid: Trump

One of the delta-8 hybrids produced by Str8 Delta8 is called "Trump". This strain is appropriately named after our 45th U.S. President because of its bold, loud, and larger-than-life characteristics. It is derived from two indica-dominant strains called the Afghan Skunk and The Wife. The buds of the Afghan Skunk emit an aroma that resembles a combination of a sweet muskiness from skunks mixed with menthol. The Wife has the profile of sweet cherries that provides just the right balance for the Afghan Skunk. When these combine, they give the Trump delta-8 hybrid a distinct profile that is all its own.

The colors of the buds have a dark shade of green mixed with rich purples. The trichomes of the hemp have a frost-like coat that adds to the lovely appearance of the buds.

What To Expect From the Str8 Delta8 Trump Carts

This is the strain of choice if you want to experience something robust. The effects are quite potent as your taste and smell gradually get filled with the flavors. You can experience the complex flavors as each layer presents itself, with a fruity profile going to musky and skunky, then with dimensions of earth and wood, hints of maple and cheese, with a bit of bitterness lingering on.

It is great for people who have experience with smoking various strains and who prefer strong flavors. There is nothing mild about the Trump strain. If you want your senses to really get elevated then enjoy a deep relaxation, this is for you. You get the full effects from the Trump Delta-8, but you will not experience any fogginess. You can enjoy this any time of the day and not just at bedtime. Enjoy a few puffs and still be clear-minded to go about your regular day's activities. Because this strain can be overwhelming for the newbie, for people who do not have a lot of experience with smoking, they should start slow and ease into this very domineering strain.

Why Buy From Str8 Delta8

There are other producers of this strain, but you cannot get better quality than from Str8 Delta8. This is because we use a patented process to extract the purest and most natural delta-8 THC that is superior to other producers on the market. The weed is grown organically with no synthetic pesticides. Other producers might use high heat and pressure, and sometimes solvents to mass produce their products quickly. However, Str8 Delta8 believes in quality over quantity. Low heat and low pressure are used in the distillation process, without any solvents that can spoil the flavor. This results in a product that preserves almost all of the terpenes and which is superior in purity and taste. You can taste the true flavors as they are meant to be enjoyed.

All products from Str8 Delta8 are tested by a third party to confirm the purity and unmatched quality of the products. When you purchase any products from Str8 Delta8, you are guaranteed to get the best THC carts available on the market.