Can Delta-8 help with Anxiety?

delta-8 anxiety

What do you know about anxiety? I know that you’ve felt it before, and for some of us to crippling degrees. Have you ever explored what the experience was and why it was happening? Well, look no further. Anxiety is how our body responds to thoughts. That’s it. The symptoms of that response can range from increased heart rate, dizziness, to shortness of breath. Our relationship with those thoughts is how significant the response is—the strongest, most notable of those thoughts creating high anxiety and potentially panic attacks. The weakest and least significant of them merely remind us to check to see if we’ve locked a door or turned off the stove. It’s a natural response that we DO have a healthy level, but what do we do when the levels become too unhealthy and crippling? What do we do when we need to manage how our bodies respond to those extreme thoughts?  

That is a question that many supporters of medical marijuana have been seeking to answer. However, with its legal status, the limitations have impaired how much work can be done to that end. The farmers, scientists, and providers seeking answers have created a pathway to answer them through Delta 8. There is not a lot of data on the effects of Delta-8 through research. Still, it’s being regarded as a MUCH more viable option for managing things like anxiety, inflammation, etc., through the community using Delta-8 for those needs.  

To get a complete understanding of the benefits of Delta-8, we have to break it down and look at the parts of it that work in other natural plants. For that, we have to look at terpenes. I’ll save the science lesson about terpenes for later, but know that they play a significant role in the smell of the plant that it is in and some of the health benefits that they offer. There are hundreds of terpenes that affect the human body and brain. Linalool is a primary terpene KNOWN to help with anxiety and depression. Pinene has significant energy-boosting effects. Limonene is strongly anxiolytic, meaning that it is anti-anxiety. STR8 Delta-8 will continue to be your information depot for learning about Delta-8 as this is JUST the beginning of the information journey. The reality is that there is a LOT of untapped knowledge that we are beginning to amass about Delta-8 that will surely help us with our physical and mental health.  

There is a universal truth about Delta8, hemp, marijuana, CBD, and other cannabis-derived products. The government has done American culture a great disservice by manipulating the legalities of these naturally found wonders. The issue that this has posed is that it hasn’t given our researchers the tools and access needed to TRULY help us understand how Delta8 and other derivatives can help us with our daily struggles. Imagine the legal status of Delta8 giving us the opportunity for universities to do grant-based research, local farmers being able to research and test growing methods, and producers testing new ways to consume and target particular terpenes. Delta8 is the first in line for helping us understand what it will look like for our anxiety to be managed naturally.