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Higher Experience

Str-8 Delta-8 is more effective than any other product because we include all the helper cannabinoids. The "Entourage Effect" makes our Delta-8 WAY stronger than anything else you have tried. It's the closest to natural green flavor, smell, and experience you can get.

Quality starts at the source. Our farm partners in Colorado are committed to growing only the highest quality recreational cannabis. Our strains contain high amounts of Delta-8 THC, terpenes, and no pesticides whatsoever.

Our process for extraction uses low temperature and low pressure with zero chemicals creating the perfect Delta-8 extract. The final product is 99.99% pure and captures the natural terpene flavors and aromas. The most refined Delta-8 THC on the market available.


We call it "Straight Delta-8" for a reason; because that IS what it IS. Our delta-8 extract is created using organically grown genetically superior hemp. But, what sets us apart is our patent-pending extraction process that uses no harsh chemicals or high temps. With our STR8 process, we produce a clean full terpene extract that damages very little of the bio-mass: clean, natural, pure, fantastic cannabis, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Str8 Delta8 is the Herb You Deserve!

Check out our shop and experience the difference! Take home one of our delta-8 vape cartridges or disposables and find out for yourself why Str8 Delta-8 is the best delta-8 on the planet.